+Soap Interior Dressing

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Don't Worry, Our System Will Automatically Track And Calculate All Of Your Entries!


+Interior Shine:

Our Premium dressing adds a rejuvenating high gloss to any part of your interior. +Interior Shine is the answer when wanting to restore and prevent fading, drying and cracking on all interior trim surfaces including vinyl, plastic and rubber. Get gloss protection, get +Interior Shine


  1. In a shaded area gently scrub and clean interior surfaces with +Interior 
  2. Thoroughly wipe and dry before Inside Shine application
  3. Apply thin even layer of Trim+Tire to surface with clean microfiber towel or applicator pad
  4. Allow to dry at least 5 minutes. For wet shine do not wipe off product. For a matte finish wipe off product after dry time.

*Caution* - Always test product in inconspicuous area before application!

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